Super Poles and Joker Poles

For temporary indoor and outdoor banners

Super Pole and Joker Pole: Light, durable, and easy to install. One telescopic pole, two options:

  1. Super Pole, a straight pole for flags and feather banners.
  2. Joker Pole, a Super Pole with 1 or 2 flexible fiberglass rods for wing, blade, cone, or other unique shape flags.

Adjustable height and flexible use:

  • SP/JP-15 up to 15 feet and SP/JP-21 up to 21 feet.
  • Three sections secured at desired height by a unique locking system.
  • Made of a resistant and flexible fiberglass-resin composite.
  • Easily transform a Super Pole into a Joker pole with the rod-connect accessory.
  • Four optional stands: water base, car base, indoor base, and rotating spike.


Water tank base for a flagpole

Water Tank

Water tank that holds 20 liters, 44 pounds

Car tire base for a flagpole

Car Base

For use under the tire of a car

Square metal base for a flagpole

Indoor Square Metal Base

10 pound metal base

Ground spike base for a flagpole

Ground Spike

With ball-bearing rotating axle

Water bag

Water Bag

For use with square metal base to add weight (20 liters,44 pounds)